Slide Steel Fabrication

Steel is an outstanding raw material for any metal crafts and furniture. It is wildly used in the construction industry because of its strong quality and adaptability. It is not only used as a raw and primal matter for any metal design or form but it is also utilized in making developments. But we can never appreciate the value and advantage that steel has or it might create if they are not fabricated, shaped and sculpted into one.

Here at Capital Sheet Metal, we fabricate steel to life. We know that residential, commercial, construction and any industry that deals with metal requires fabrication services. And we give them the high-quality fabrication service that they truly need.

We specialize in the following steel fabrication:

  • Roof Flashings
  • Waterproofing materials
  • Light gauge sheet metal products
  • Custom sheet metal fabrication (Chimney, roofing and gutter components)
  • Air conditioning drain pans

We stock hundreds of flashings, skylights, gutters, louver vents, fasteners, and sealants. We do the basics like shot blasting, cutting, bending, welding, coating and many more. But we don’t stop there.

We closely work with our clients to cater to their steel fabrication needs and requirements. Our team makes sure to deliver the results that you want. We also aim to provide you with services that are on time and on budget.

Capital Sheet Metal is equipped with high standard equipment for basic steel fabrication as well as complex. And the fabricating process is done and carried out in our highly secured and equipped workshop. The fabrication is monitored all throughout and it is inspected before and after the work process.

Our team consists of expert fabricators that we’ll surely give you high-quality work. Our craftsmen have years of experience fabricating custom metal. And with these masters of steel, we will assure you the high level of steel fabrication that you deserve.

Contact us and meet the expert fabricators!