Capital Sheet Metal is not only an expert in cutting, forming, and rolling metal sheets, we also specialize in bending. Sheet metal bending is a metal forming process in which a force is applied to a piece of sheet metal causing it to bend at an angle and form the desired shape. Bending is an essential part of sheet metal manufacturing. With nearly every industry requiring some form of sheet metal work, the bending process has evolved to include a wide variety of tools and methods to transform flat sheet metal into the three-dimensional shapes needed for manufactured products.

The number of ways to bend sheet metal is as unique as the products they create. Some require heat, some force, some careful application of physics. Common bending processes include air bending, coining, bottoming, wiping, rotary, and more.

No matter the scale or material, these bending processes all transform a flat sheet of metal into a newly shaped piece. Some of these pieces are finished parts in their own right, while some function as a component that will go on to be part of a greater system.

We understand that our customers need exceptional products that are consistent with quality, design, and build specifications. Our company has invested heavily in advanced stamping, bending, and deep drawing equipment, enabling us to quickly deliver components in the volume you need. We have an expert team in place, whose role is to ensure that your order is completed on time. 

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