Sheet metal punching is a key component of our metal fabrication services perfectly complementing our design and engineering, laser cutting, forming, welding and fabrication, finishing, and product assembly services.

Punching metal is where a piece of sheet steel or another metal is cut into a specified flat shape ready for further precision manufacturing processes. Whether it be aluminum, copper, brass, or steel sheet metal, we offer CNC metal punching for components or finished products that are an accurate and cost-effective solution for a wide variety of applications.

Our punching machine enables us to process a diverse range of parts with flexibility.  We can also form extrusions, louvers, hinges, beading, offsets, and marking on our machine. Our turret punch press can stamp through from 24 gauge up to 7 gauge metal. Our metal shop can set up custom patterns in metal panels for easier assembly. Our steel metal punching service is very competitive, we use some of the most advanced and efficient punches available.

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