Slide Plasma Cutting

We also take care of your thick metal problem with our state of the art Plasma Cutting Services.

The most common and popular technology for cutting metal is Plasma Cutting. It is the process of cutting through thick metal plates and electrically conductive materials. It uses hot plasma or ionized gas to cut its way through metal pieces while leaving a clean-cut finish. It is possible with thick parts that cannot be cut with lasers. Plasma cutting works with materials stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and copper.  

Advantages of Plasma Cutting


Plasma Cutting is cheaper compared to laser or water-jet cutting. The Plasma Cutting machine is not expensive and could range in lower prices. So some metal business sticks with lower-cost equipment. Also, the operational requirements for Plasma cutting are relatively low and inexpensive. Businesses in the metal industry can save an amount when investing in Plasma cutting if taking into consideration power, gases, consumables, abrasive, routine, and maintenance costs.

Fast production rate

One of the main advantages of going through Plasma Cutting is its quickness. It can cut materials from 60 to 200 inches per minute. It the fastest cutter if compared to a laser which comes second and water-jet coming in as slowest. It has a short preparation time because there is no need to pre-heat the metal. Also, the cutting speed of plasma can increase the rate of production. It is efficient and it will assure that the work is done on time.

Quality and Flexibility

Plasma cutting can be used to cut any thick and stack materials. This method can also be used for bevelling, shape cutting, gouging, and piercing. It can handle a lot of operation at one low cost but a high-quality cutting method. And it does not leave out small holes. It gives out a clean-cut finish, especially with small and medium-size thickness.