Our team of experts at Capital Sheet Metal has vast experience with residential sheet metal applications such as flashing, sheet metal backsplashes, kitchen hoods, railings, countertops, and much more. 


Capital Sheet Metal is your turnkey solution in all aspects of metal fabrication and execution! With skilled craftsmen that can fabricate and install virtually ANY material, we offer specialized end products such as ductwork, railings, electrical enclosures, flashing, exhaust hoods, and much much more. We partner with our clients bringing ideas to life. We have multiple welding certifications, over eighty years of experience and the ability to supply welding services for ANY material or process. We pride ourselves on creating reliable, durable, aesthetically pleasing products on time and on budget.

If you need assistance with design, our experienced project managers can provide you with value-added engineering ideas to help minimize cost and lead time. Then, our in-house detailing department will bring your designs to life using state-of-the-art equipment.

Commercial Kitchens

We are experienced with bringing commercial kitchens up to a higher standard with our competitive welding & fabrication services. We offer on-site repairs, stainless steel fabrication, ductwork, kitchen hoods, metal work for grease management, & we can also install fire wrapping for safety precautions. There is no doubt we can handle your commercial kitchen project with the utmost care and attention to detail. 

Industrial Sheet Metal

We provide a wide variety of maintenance and repair services for industrial clients. We believe in exceeding our customer’s expectations by providing the highest quality service, the safest work environment, and the most competitive costs.

As an industrial contractor, Capital Sheet Metal is your turnkey solution to all aspects of custom metal fabrication and installation.

We have been servicing industrial clients in the Thurston County area for over 80 years. From mechanical and large-scale HVAC/Ductwork to fall protection, mezzanines, clean rooms, and OSHA safety compliance; Capital Sheet Metal has the experienced, skilled workforce to handle your project specifications.

No formal prints, plans, or specs? No problem. Our project management team will visit your site and assist with value-added engineering ideas to help reduce costs and simplify the installation process. Our in-house detailing department utilizes 3D modeling software to bring design ideas to life and to help resolve potential issues prior to getting started.

Exhaust Hoods

Capital Sheet Metal can fabricate and install custom exhaust hoods ensuring a safe workplace environment. Exhaust hoods are essential in kitchens, laboratories, and many industrial applications for removing:

• Fumes
• Mists
• Vapors
• Aerosols
• Particulates
• Hazardous substances
• Polluting contaminants

Metal Artwork

We can also support you with your creative ambitions as well. Our state-of-the-art facility has everything you need to bring your artistic vision to life. Feel free to come to us with any ideas you may have. We have experience crafting sculptures, creating metal landscape installations, and much more.  


In our 80+ years, Capital Sheet Metal has built a reputation for creating beautiful metal handrails for stairs, balconies, walkways, and more. Our railings are welded and hand-forged by our own skilled craftsmen, most with 15 years of experience. We offer ornamental and traditional metalwork to serve the varied needs of our commercial and residential applications. 


Our metal fabrication services are also perfect for ambitious works of architecture. Our project management team is experienced with form as well as function and will work with you to construct a finished product that you are truly happy with. 

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