Slide Prototyping

Our services don’t just stop in the middle of the metal fabricating process. We also provide Prototyping Service. Bring your project drawings to life with a custom prototype. We can put together one piece, or a few pieces, so you can plan better for production of a larger job. Prototypes are great for testing purposes, which is more efficient for operations. Capital Sheet Metal will be there with you from your original concept to your finished product. 

All parts are made to precise customer specifications. Engineering Team can assist you from the design stage through prototype to production utilizing the latest 2D & 3D design software. E"Design for Process Capability" to ensure a quality product at the best possible price. Standardized tooling to precise customer specifications within 6-8 weeks. Prototypes & Short Run production can be completed within 2 weeks. Data Transfer capabilities of virtually any file type. Secure FTP website. 

To ensure a successful end design and minimal downtime, our team offers sophisticated hydroforming and spinning prototyping services. A very cost-efficient process, hydroforming prototyping is ideal for creating metal parts with highly irregular or complex shapes and sizes. Using CAD and CAM technology, our engineers work closely with clients throughout the entire design process, making adjustments as necessary.

Allowing for operation in either deep draw mode or fluid cell process mode, our cutting-edge 20-inch hydroforming press can operate up to 10,000 psi, with a max punch tool diameter of 15 inches and a draw depth capacity of 12 inches. Deep draw mode is ideal for parts with curved geometries, while fluid cell process mode allows for the production of several parts during a single run.

Our prototyping service also involves using various techniques such as automated, manual or shear forming. Technique selected depends on part geometry, material type, thickness and order quantity. Formed parts then go through secondary operations such as heat treatment, resizing, machining, polishing, etc. as dictated by drawing requirements.