Slide Metal Forming

We always try our best to cater to every client's metal fabrication needs. Capital Sheet Metal is proud to be among the top metal fabrication companies in Washington, and in the industry as a whole, offering complete steel fabrication and welding services for over 80 years and counting. We’re committed to quality in everything we do.

With a long history of production excellence and surpassing strict or complex customer requirements, we’re proud to offer custom fabrication work with a full range of services, including metal forming.

These include metal forming that are designed and created accurately according to our clients specifications. Sheet metal forming allows for making more or less complicated subassemblies or complete mechanical casings, from sheets of various thicknesses, of different types, depending on the purpose, operating conditions or construction assumptions. It is possible to apply one or several technologies using dedicated machines, tools and instruments. In justified cases, it is possible to combine several types of materials together.

We have machines and competences that allow us to make use of the following technologies as part of sheet metal forming: cutting, laser cutting and punching, sheet metal bending, spot welding, PEM assembly, fusion welding, riveting and thread forming. We perform processes from bending, welding, and forming to final precision polishing. Our custom metal fabricators provide the engineering services and components that keep industries thriving around the world. We offer metal forming services to produce components and fabricated parts for subassemblies or complete mechanical casings. From simple to complex forms, we got you covered. 

Capital Sheet Metal specialize in providing budget-friendly and innovative metal forming solutions to our client. We form material types ranging from steel, stainless steel and aluminum. And in order to meet client specific metal form demands,  we combine technology, skill and process controls.