Slide Food Service

Do you own a restaurant, catering service, processing food or anything to do with the food industry? If yes, then you are aware of how important it is to have a high-quality equipment in providing the best food product and service to your customers. And at the same time following strict food and regulation standards. With this in mind, Capital Sheet Metal is just the right metal fabrication company that can help you with your food business.

Quality is critical when it comes to prototyping and producing metal components for food service applications especially when they serve some of the largest food production and packaging companies in the world. Some examples of these metal components are industrial ovens, fryers, food processing devices, bottling equipment, vacuum sealers and more.

The wrong metal fabrication methods can be a potential threat and risks to the health and safety of your customers and patrons. It is important that these components are formed and fabricated in a way that it does not promote bacteria growth. They must keep the food safe and be free dent, grooves, pinholes and potential corrosion from continuous cleaning and food processing. 

Here at Capital Sheet Metal, we put safety above everything else, especially when we are working with businesses under the food service industry. We have been delivering custom solutions to the Food Service Industry for several decades. We are able to innovate and exceed expectations through continuous improvement of our services and management practices. Our team is  trusted for our precision, compliance, consistent on-time delivery and reliable customer service.  

Whether it’s food equipment for  manufacturing, packaging and processing, we make sure that each component is running effectively, efficiently and safely while ensuring that they comply with food standards and regulations. Metal components are fabricated into a sanitary finish. All surfaces are made sure that they are smooth as possible without the presence of holes or pits. They are made to withstand damage, corrosion and bacteria growth. 

Capital Sheet Metal has years of experience making us the most qualified company to assist in all your food equipment metal fabrication needs and requirements. We have custom metal fabrication services to choose from. Get in touch with our team and we are ready to help.