Steel Fabrication

Capital Sheet Metal specializes in steel fabrication. We have worked closely with hundreds of clients throughout Thurston County. We have worked on everything from commercial buildings and retail spaces to residential home projects!

We work with you to deliver on time, on budget, and with the highest quality craftsmanship. Our skilled team will carefully assist in planning your project. We then utilize our state-of-the-art workshop which follows all safety standards set by OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Association).

As structural steel fabricators, we use a variety of techniques to transform basic sections of steel into custom shapes that are ready for installation. Below is a list of techniques we utilize to bring your project to life. 

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is a process that prepares the steel for welding, painting, or coating. The main purpose of shot-blasting is to provide the desired surface treatment needed in order to make fabrication customization easy and effective.


There are a variety of ways we cut steel in order to suit each specific project. We utilize circular saws and flame cutting equipment as well as plasma cutting technology in order to get the perfect straight cuts or curved angle cuts that we need to get the job done. 


Modern steel structures are often characterized by graceful curves that require fabricators to use various rolling and bending techniques to accomplish. Our steel bending process involves passing it through specific sets of rolling machines until the desired curves and angles have been achieved.


Steel fabrication involves a whole lot of welding. Welds are used to attach fixtures and fittings as well as prepare connections on site. Our experienced welders know what it takes to make a weld that lasts the test of time. 


The end result of coating steel is to protect it from corrosion, fire, and other environmental factors. Coatings can also provide custom looks for architects and individuals who have a unique vision for their project's visual aesthetics.