Slide Residential

At Capital Sheet Metal, we offer custom sheet metal builds for a variety of residential applications. Residential services include aluminium, glass, and steel fencing, pool fencing, awnings, fixed or operable louvres, security fencing, balustrades, various metal products to client specifications with complete supply and installation.

We have innovative and dedicated craftsmen to fabricate any of your sheet metal needs. We have dedicated in-house employees to fabricate any of your sheet metal needs. We use a roll feeder system and computer operated plasma cutter is to manufacture custom duct and metal work. In addition we have a fully-operational, well stocked, sheet metal shop available for your metal fabrication needs. Our metals include galvanized metal, copper, stainless steel and aluminum. We specialize in the fabrication of residential ductwork and fittings, custom gutters and sheet metal roofing components.

Our Residential products are as follows:

  • Roof and chimney caps                            
  • Start Collars                                        
  • T-tops                                                     
  • Roof Jacks                                             
  • Custom DuctWork                                    
  • Skylight Saddles and Curbs                 
  • Custom  and lead flashing                       
  • Drain/Washer Pans                                 
  • Riser Pipe                                              
  • Perimeter Boxes                                   
  • Gable Vents
  • Scuppers
  • Leader Heads
  • Square Boxes
  • Wall Caps
  • Wye Branches      
  • Gutters
  • Plenums
  • Return Air Cans
  • Lineset Covers
  • Damper Sleeves

Quite often, installing a new HVAC system may demand custom produced sheet metal products for a perfect fit, durability and overall integration. At Capital Sheet Metal, we specialize in truly custom and cost effective solutions to your sheet metal needs.