Slide Railroads

Capital Sheet Metal take pleasure in serving the railroad and railway industry with high-quality steel fabrication, metal and steel products. We provide metal components for railroad equipment manufacturers. We are proud to serve clients throughout Washington. And we have built a strong relationship with our clients and established a good reputation in the railroad industry. Because of our years of extensive railroad industry experience, we are experts in custom metal and steel fabrication that are of high quality.

We know that the railroad industry have unique needs, especially in the train system. We work with our clients thoroughly understand the products and specifications that they require. Capital Sheet Metal sheet provides structural steel fabrication services for components you need to exactly match your design requirements.

We offer the following but not limited to:

  • Heavy steel frames and structures for rail cars and locomotives
  • Lightweight aluminum parts and assemblies
  • Frames and components for rail crossing (ancillary) structures

Our production facility is capable of handling and processing any size steel fabrication for your railroad and railway industry project. With a fully equipped, state-of-the-art steel fabrication complex equipment, applying the latest technology, with trained professionals operating our robotics and computerized equipment, our team can handle any railroad and railway industry steel fabrication project. Our press brake forming capabilities let us create the steel shapes your design demands quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively, and are second-to-none. Our high precision laser cutting equipment lets us adhere to tight cutting tolerances. Our professional engineering staff will ensure the accuracy of your components.