Slide Medical

Medical industry is very broad and covers a lot of service needs. Let’s think of all the metal devices and equipment in the medical world. Now consider the many hospitals and medical services that could not function without high quality metal fabrication products such as surgical equipment, imaging devices and medical-grade furniture. It’s safe to say that the medical industry would not operate effectively without high-quality metal fabrication pieces and equipment. Further, without precise fabrication standards, the safety of millions would be put at risk.

Custom sheet metal fabrication is valuable to the medical industry. The service that it delivers help out to create tools that aid in the medical functions. Medical services look for high quality tools that are made with utmost precision especially with surgical tools. It is necessary that the tool and equipment are built in exact specifications.

This need of the medical industry can be catered to with the help of precisely engineered sheet metal fabrication from Capital Sheet Metal. We fabricate medical tools that are made from state-of-the-art technology and medical expertise. With preciseness and detail-oriented craftsmanship, our tools offers medical professionals the comfort of not worrying about their service. We make tools that are flexible that can deliver best results ranging from the use of steel, aluminum, copper and other raw materials. The following are some examples of products for the medical industry that can be fabricated using our sheet metal fabrication tools:

  •   Surgical tools
  •   Customized hospital beds
  •   Custom steel medical carts
  •   Aluminum sterilization cases and trays
  •   Physical therapy equipment
  •   Robotic blood sorting systems

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