Slide Engineering

Here at Capital Sheet Metal, we not only pride ourselves on the precision, flexibility and detailed character of our works. We also value people’s loyalty and satisfaction. These include our staff, craftsmen, clients and contractors. Because of our people-driven approach in the business, we have been rewarded with the loyal custom of many industrial operators over the years.

We work side by side with innovative engineer, design and planning experts. They help us provide technical support through tailoring and engineering state of the art plan, samples and prototypes. Our team worked closely with engineers, architects and builders to make sure that each of the functional and aesthetic requirements are being properly met. And that the client’s specifications are followed through and through.

We carefully analyze client’s specific needs along with their budget requirements first hand to secure the highest level of accuracy. Then we consult and work with our partner experts. And we finally put the plan into a finished project by starting the metal engineering process. With their assistance, we have provided high-quality engineering services to our commercial and residential clients in the metal processing and construction industry.

Capital Sheet Metal gained a lot of knowledge and experience throughout the years of partnering with our engineering experts and project collaborators. The knowledge extends far beyond our own field of metal fabrication and sheet metal engineering. With our work done together with small or large organizations, we were able to connect to the client more. As well as deliver efficiency, client satisfaction and loyalty.

We are also able to design and provide flexible services to our clients. We don’t just provide what they want. We also provide what they need. We shaped our services to fit their demands and exceed their expectations, These is through innovating and creating services with versatility.

And lastly, we engineered precise and high quality services from cutting and forming until providing finished prototypes. This is achieved by investing in high standard machines and equipment, research and development and collaborations. Equipped with knowledge, advanced tools and expert partners, we assure our clients get the service quality they deserve.